During the recent summer holidays, my family and I attended an OzHarvest volunteering activity, Cooking for a Cause. It was one of the most meaningful days of my life because not only were we helping the hungry, but we were having fun too.

We cooked an estimated 200 meals for the hungry and homeless. Not only does volunteering give you that proud feeling of achieving something but it cleanses you and makes you put others before yourself. My family made tasty, savoury pastries for people in need to enjoy. Meals from different cultures were also made and sent to charities, so people who couldn’t afford to enjoy the diversity of different cultures could at least enjoy their food. OzHarvest has given me the chance to give back to others rather than me expecting things to be handed to me.

Now, let’s talk about Banana Day! Andrews House has supported OzHarvest for the last four years and in 2021, we have created Banana Day. It will be a day where Andrews House come together and volunteer to create pastries, meals or beverages from bananas. Banana Day will be held 8 March, so come join Andrews House, and bring your own banana creation!

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