If you had been walking past the Year 2 classrooms on Monday 22 February you would have heard squeals of delight from the Year 2 friends when they discovered there had been a delivery of live chicks and eggs from the Henny Penny Hatching Program. Year 2s' current Unit of Inquiry is, Living Things Grow and Change.

Watching baby chicks hatch and grow is a wonderful way to investigate the characteristics of living things and the stages of life-cycles.

Year 2 friends are putting their research skills into practice by collecting data about the chickens through writing a 'Chick Journal'.

Every day the children enjoy predicting how many chicks will hatch and look forward to watching the very special moment the chicks are born right in front of their very eyes. What a joy it is to learn in the classroom with little peeps and cheeps in the background during the day.

"It’s good to have them in our classroom because they are fascinating little animals and they have lots of stages of life." Ethan Kelly-Correa

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