The date was 24 February 2021 but Year 5s were dressed for the year, 1854 and were very excited about, our much-awaited excursion ‘Eureka’ in Beenleigh. Boarding the bus early, we were ready to bring back the era of Australian Gold Rush.

As soon as we arrived, we were given a warm welcome by a horseman leading us up to the bushland where we witnessed a battle between the bushranger and gold field workers. Having visited the Sovereign Hill mining area a couple of months back, I had a gold fever already.

We learnt a lot about the history and culture around that era. The most exciting part was that we could role play certain characters and situations that may have occurred during the Australian Gold Rush. The various mapping activities took us all around the simulated gold field township of 1854 giving us opportunities to discover gold and trade them for deals. We even had fun putting up tents, running business pertinent to that era and making scrumptious damper to relish.

In a nutshell, it was the most unique fun filled experience and we all returned home with ample stories and experience to share with our friends and family. To conclude, I would like to thank the school management and teachers for giving us this wonderful experience.

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