Yes, APS Season 1 begun and our Open Girls Volleyball team played against the strongest APS Volleyball team - Emmanuel College! We may have lost the game (for now) given the tough competition but it has not dampened our spirits.

In fact, we were very accomplished and happy at the end of the game.

Coach Issy and I, were very proud of how the girls played, showing off their improved skills and how they have worked hard as a team. We celebrated the amazing spirit, the great teamwork, and the happy and supportive vibes inside the court.

Our Open Bs scored up to 22 in the second set and our Open As scored double that what we normally scored in the past! We have just proven that if a team is happy, gentle, and kind to each other – we experience the true essence of winning.

We thank our captains (Ella Punch for B and Jin-jin Wang for A) for being good role models. We genuinely enjoyed the game! Please wish us all the best for the coming fixtures.

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