Senior and Junior students had the opportunity to participate in the Shooting Accuracy Master during lunch time in Term One. After seven rounds of striking the ball, we have our 2021 winners!

The Rules

Each Monday the students had a total of five shots. Having the shooting target placed in the goal (see picture), the student needed to aim in one of the corners. For each goal the students scored, they received one point.

Senior School

We saw great participation from our Under 15 Football Club Girls team but it was the boys that took the best shots. Will McMonagle and Gregg Velloza ended up both with four points. In the shootout, it was Gregg that came out as the winner! Congratulations Gregg!

Junior School

In the Junior School we had a total of 25 students battling against each other to become the Junior School Winner! We had Vaughan Furlong and Alex Pourre with both three points. But there was only one player with four points. This was Benedict Thompson. Congratulations Ben!

We hope to see all students back in Term Two. In Term Two we commence the 4v4 Football league.

Have a question about Football at Somerset College? Please contact our Head Coach - Football and Futsal Maarten de Kruijf.

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