Throughout this year a number of the Year 11 students visited the Mudgeeraba Special School to play and learn with the children. Throughout each group’s five consecutive trips, Somerset students developed relationships and fond memories with children of all ages and disabilities.  

We were even more fortunate to provide the school with their Dream Cricket Set by raising money from our BBQ fundraiser held earlier in Term Two. The cricket set consisted of multiple activities in which the difficulties could be changed to suit the child’s need. The set’s range of activities appealed to each of the children who laughed and cheered as they successfully achieved their goals.

Seeing and hearing the pure joy each child felt was surreal and such a special memory that we will forever cherish. As another year of Mudgeeraba Special School visits continue, we are so thankful to Mr Walker and the Mudgeeraba Special School for providing this opportunity for us to open our eyes and observe how a small gesture of kindness can brighten someone’s day.

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