We recently had New Caledonian students visit the College. Below is a passage they wrote about their school and the visit they shared with us.

"We will introduce you to the Essau Voudjo de Poya College. The College was opened in 2011. It accommodates around 120 students and around 15 teachers. We come from a rural bush village, the "bush" of New Caledonia in the Northern Province. Poya is a small village located on the west coast. About half of the students live in the village of Poya, the other half lives in the surrounding tribes, some by the sea (like Nepou) and others in the mountains (like Gohapin or Montfaoué). Some of us leave at 5.30pm in the morning to come to school. Classes start at 7.15am and end at 4.15pm.

In our college we learn French, Mathematics, History Geography, moral and civic education, foreign languages (Spanish English) and Kanak of our era (Adjie, Paici), SVT, physics chemistry, technology, EPS, musical education, and the visual arts. We have a School Journal, a chess club, a choir, and a sports association.

We are part of the LCE (European Languages and Cultures) option, and are 4eme and 3eme students (Year 8 and 9). We would like to thank Somerset College personnel and students for such an amazing opportunity. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. We were impressed by the beautiful surroundings and brand new and spacious facilities at Somerset such as a big swimming pool and beautiful theatre."

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