Somerset teams recently participated in the Queensland Inter-School State Finals in Brisbane. On Friday, the Girls Finals was held with the top Senior team finished in third position and the top Primary team finishing fifth. Our top scorer for the day was Maurice Wong who earnt herself a Merit for her performance.

Over the weekend, our Open team competed in Primary and Secondary divisions as well. The Secondary team won three matches, drew one and lost two. Star of the team was Eason Wang who went undefeated on Board 1 and sored 4/6. In the Primary division, two teams had qualified. Both teams won three matches, drew one and lost two. Stars from each team were Jeremy Zhang (Board 2, Team 1, 4/6) and Year 2 student William Lai (Board 4, Team 2, 5/6).

Over the holidays, many students played in various events around South-East Queensland. In the Nell Van de Graaff Classic at the start of the holidays, Oscar Credland-Ballantyne finished = second in the Junior Division with 4.5/6. Jeremy Zhang scored 4/6 to finished = fifth. Jeremy also played in the tough under 1600 Queensland Championships and performed well in that event whilst gaining further experience, whilst finishing = third in his rating category.

There are a number of upcoming events including the Individual Age Championships 25 October with invitations sent to parents shortly.

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