As Your Chapel Sacristans for 2021, Will and I strive to create a wellbeing orientated Chapel presence within our schooling life. To achieve this, we strive to partner with the College’s current wellbeing programme and hope to support messages of self-care for students from Pre-Prep to Year 12.

This will be incorporated with the operations of clubs and committees, providing students with the tools to thrive with a busy life.

Using the Lord’s guidance, we hope to create new traditions in Somerset Colleges Chaplaincy programmes; encouraging and supporting all students. We plan to help our peers grow, learn and uplift one another, to create positive relationships that can last a lifetime. By understanding the importance of coming together in worship, we strive to become positive leaders, who are approachable and can lead by example.

If you have any ideas or would like to be involved throughout the year, please see us in the BLC or send us an email!

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