Somerset Spartans Futsal Club played Round 13 from the Gold Coast Futsal Competitions. Please read below a few match reports.


Under 8 Black - 6 February

Under 8s were up against Dolphins and so the pressure was on from the get-go. Our boys displayed excellent team effort and gave Dolphins a consistent and strong fight. Although it was a 14 to 2 win to the Dolphins, the hard work and strong defence was evident.

Alex scored our first goal in the first half and Max took a second one in the later half! Some great goal keeping from Will and fair to say this was the best match from the boys this season! Way to go Blacks.

Under 8 Black - 13 February

Somerset Under 8 Black went up against Magic Goals. It was another tough game for our players and while Magic Goals won the game at 15-nil, our players showed great team work, passing, dribbling, and goal keeping.

Keep up with the good stuff and good luck to the next game Blacks!

Under 8 Blue - 13 February

Under 8s, Alex, Izaak, Hugo, Henry, Benedict, Edward versed, Robina La Liga Futsal.

The Spartans emerged fired up, giving their typical 100 per cent commitment and enthusiasm. The boys have grown and developed as a team and as individuals during the season. This was a tough match with both teams showing considerable skills and tactics. There was some great attacking and defending, with the score 3-all at half time.

With the second half, both teams came out with renewed vigour. The Dolphins seemed to be more familiar with their positions, using the goalie position as a substitute bench. This may have helped give the Dolphins better coherence. They made good use of longer balls attacking the Somerset goal and found small gaps in the defence. Despite some valiant efforts and great individual performances from all the boys the Dolphins scored three more goals to the Spartan’s one.

The final score was 6 to 4 to the Dolphins.

The boys displayed great sportsmanship in the face of what was a more physical game than they are perhaps used to. Their sights will now be on working as a team in preparation for the final round match of the league and the knockout finals.

Under 8 Pink

Our proud girls versed Somerset Orange. It was the best match ever!

In the first half, girls were busy defending and saving goals from Orange. They took a chance and turned to attack! Robin scored the first goal! Also, the girls were in action as goalkeepers, saving tons of shots.

In the second half, they took many chances and turned to attacks when finally, Mayuko scored a goal!

They were all in sync for the whole game. It was a fantastic game where we could see many signs of techniques and teamwork.


The Somerset Spartans Football Club has started their second and third week of training. For the 2021 season we are proud to announce that Somerset Spartans Football Club is accepted in the Football Gold Coast Junior Girls Competition.

Somerset already participated in the Miniroos Competition. This competition uses small sided games teams playing 4v4, 7v7 and 9v9 sides rather than the traditional 11v11 format to cater to 4 to 11-year old. The smaller fields, modified rules and fewer players leads to a more enjoyable game with more opportunities to be involved in the action.

The Football Gold Coast Junior Girls Competition play the 11v11 format. If you are interested to join our Girls Football Team. Please contact our Head of Football on

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