As Service Captains, we will continue to encourage our students to look towards the interests of others even during these uncertain times. As a College community, we strive to become more caring members of our society.

Whether it is joining a committee, being a part of a House Fundraiser or partaking in one of the organised local or national service-learning projects, there are countless service activities to get involved with. The amazing experiences offered to Somerset students provide a chance to give back to our community and create meaningful impact and change.

Together, by committing to service, we can understand, share, explore and learn more about each other and the world we live in. Service is known to have benefits on one’s own wellbeing as we look beyond ourselves and learn about the responsibility we have when living in a community. Especially in the past year, we have been reminded of the power of compassion and how this sense of humanity can help us create a better global community.

The 6,000+ hours of service that student volunteers accumulated last year and approximately $40,000 raised by our entire community is testament to the generous and thoughtful nature of students, staff, parents and friends. By committing to service, both inside and outside the College, we all learn important skills and challenge ourselves. From planning, to engaging, meeting new people, learning new things, developing empathy for others and international mindedness there is something everyone can get involved and have fun with. These opportunities are highlighted in our IMPACT booklet here.

This year, we hope to have lots of fun new experiences, build new friendships and make a difference both within and outside the Somerset community.

We both look forward to working with everyone on their service journey as we come together in 2021 to serve our community with those in need.

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