On Thursday 29 July 40 students from Years 4 to 6 joined Somerset’s Alumni Natalie Madden, representing Triathlon Queensland, and Triathlon Head Coach Glauber Correa at the Common for a fun immersion in the sport. The students were able to share their knowledge on triathlon and ask questions prompted by the amazing sporting environment created by the Tokyo Olympic Games.  

“Some of the students have previoulsy participated in triathlons before and a few are already part of the program offered to the Senior School," said Head Coach Glauber.  

“Our aim is to expand the programme to the Junior School and I’m so grateful to see so many interested,” he concluded.

The experience progressed to a fun Team Relay competition where students simulated the swim with a wheelbarrow walk, the cycling with a piggyback run and ran together back to the start line to switch the team and start the course again. Lots of laughs were had as all the students wore a swim cap gifted by Triathlon Queensland.  

“It is a great opportunity to further develop student’s fitness and health and many of them want to start as soon as possible. Literally a dream come true to develop a program that caters for the whole triathlon pathway, from grassroots into high performance, and having such an interest from Junior School students crowns the effort to date,” shared Coach Glauber.    

The Junior School Triathlon programme will start soon and all students who participated at the presentation will receive an email with further details.  

If you are interested and missed out, please do not hesitate in contacting Triathlon’s Head Coach Glauber Correa.

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