Our Somerset Equestrian riders experienced very testing conditions as well as for the horses, with 50kmh winds at a recent event and a lot of rain over the competition week. 

Mia Reeves on Like a Diamond 13th in Combined Training 60cm

Sibella Bonner on Super DJ 6th in the Eventing 60cm

Sibella Bonner on Tulara For Style 7th in the Eventing 80cm

Jayde McKinnon on La Grande Andres 3rd in the Eventing 95cm (selected to represent Queensland at the national titles in Melbourne)

Jayde McKinnon on Heart of a Warrior 9th in the Eventing 95cm

Jayde was chosen by the Interschool committee to be the rider representative for the Eventing 60, 80 and 95cm for these Queensland state titles. She has also been offered a leadership roll in the Queensland team for National titles in Melbourne.

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