It’s been seven days since students, and to a large extent staff, have been on campus. But with the transition to Somerset@Home on Wednesday, the connections and the learning has continued with 720 Zoom meetings, for 221,756 minutes of Zoom with

14,548 clicks to Zoom.

In this lockdown, it has been not only students, but also staff and teachers that have also been working from home. This has made it a different lockdown and Somerset@Home experience already from last year for our staff. Being able to see students and other staff over Zoom keeps the connections going. It has been once again fantastic to see the spirit, the dedication and commitment of all Somerset staff in making the transition to online. Some of the outfits seen online today for 'Green and Gold' day are certainly testament to that.

The friendly faces of students online, their camaraderie, their focus and their engagement speaks volumes about our students - and the support from their families at this time. Behind the Zoom experience are parents helping to make it happen – assisting our younger students with 'Zooming in' and their learning activities, helping older students find headphones that work and keeping the fridge well-stocked for the inevitable increase in eating that seems to accompany teens and lockdown learning. Our students prove time and time again their ability to be agile and resilient – such vital skills.

Enjoy a snapshot of Somerset@Home from this week in the short video included. Thank you everyone for your commitment and contribution to Somerset@Home.

Somerset@Home | Week 4, Term Three from Somerset College on Vimeo.

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