During the holidays, there were a number of students that took part in the first major chess events this year. Between the events, there was also some targeted coaching with Grandmaster Moulthun Ly for the students representing Somerset at the Queensland Inter-School State Finals this weekend.

The first event was the Nell Van de Graaff Classic, held on the Gold Coast. We had 12 Somerset students who took part in the event ranging from Year 1 through to Year 10. The event itself comprised mostly Junior players, but also contained some strong adults to provide further challenge.

Although Eason Wang was the only Somerset student to collect a prize (=2nd rating group A), the event provided a fantastic opportunity for match practice and to hone skills. All students put in awesome effort and showed plenty of promise!

  • 5.0/7 – Eason Wang
  • 4.5/7 – Byron Morris, Jason Li, Kenny Ming
  • 4.0/7 – Charlie Liu
  • 3.5/7 – Jennifer Yeung
  • Calen Tang, Lyanna Chan, Melody Yang, Alessandro Martinese, Elijah Hadikusumo, Harrison Qu also took part in the event and performed well.

On the middle weekend, the Leo Wilkinson Memorial was held up in Redcliffe and 5 Somerset players took part. Byron Morris scored 5/6 to finish =3rd in a great performance, while Eason Wang and Kenny Ming continued their good form with 4/6. Calen Tang, Harrison Qu took part and worked hard to grind out some results.

All the best to the Somerset teams for the State Finals on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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