Lego is synonymous with childhood and building fantastic creations. Our Year 2 students have recently been building monuments with Lego and then creating digital versions using Digital Lego as their introduction to computer aided design (CAD).

As part of their LEGO design work, students were encouraged to think fast with some quick LEGO building design challenges, and then think slow and be creative and considered with building their monuments. Thinking creatively is an important 21st century skill, so whilst their monuments had to stand strong, they also needed to be innovative and interesting in their designs.

Creating their monuments in LEGO Digital Designer offered some challenges and some benefits. For our Year 2 students, it has been great to see their focus on the precision required to place the blocks, to move the axis and to use their mouse as they sought to convert their building to a digital format. For some next term, the cycle will complete with their digital monuments being converted back to physical, as their monuments are printed in 3D. Computer aided design is all around us and 3D printing has offered a number of advantages in industry. It’s been an exciting opportunity for our Year 2s to start to look at the world of 3D in digital.

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