The much-anticipated Year 3 Activities Day, held Friday 9 October exceeded many expectations. The students were kept very busy throughout the day with some amazing events, beginning with a visit from Sunshine Coast based Motiv8 Sports.

Students participated in a range of hybrid sports including vortex gridiron, super soakers, soccer competitions and ball games. After a quick snack, students were back to compete in an East vs West water challenge! Year 3 completed 10 mini events that accumulated points for their team, highlights included super soaking their classmates and the teachers doing the same to our students!

After a delicious BBQ lunch, up next was a spectacular reptile show from Sarah Jane (True Blue Reptiles). We listened to Sarah Jane’s informative chat all about classifying reptiles and the different types we can find in Australia, students were then able to touch a crocodile and a snake.

A quick afternoon tea break of damper and lamingtons (delicious!) students were pumped to begin the next event – Aussie Inflatables Commando Obstacle Courses, two of them! After what had been a very hot morning the students were met with a sprinkle of rain to cool off whilst adventuring through the inflatable courses, the rain didn’t stop them!

As night fell, students enjoyed a pizza dinner with a yummy ice-cream dessert. Grabbing our things and heading to the Koala House for a disco to conclude our awesome day, hosted by our very own teacher assistant Mr Moy.

An email from a Year 3 parent perfectly sums up what was a spectacular day had by all:

“Thank you Year 3 Teachers, for organising such a brilliant day of activities for the Year 3 students last Friday. It was such a well thought out day and a huge effort you all went to ensure the children had a fantastic time. It was simply AMAZING in my son’s words:"

'The Year 3 team would like to thank our amazing students for participating, demonstrating good sportsmanship, developing new skills, and communicating well with their peers. Students were resilient and had a growth mindset when approaching the challenges throughout the day. We look forward to some more fun activities planned for later in the term.'

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