Congratulations, we are nearing the end of November, and exams are finally over! A great job to everyone who has achieved their academic goals this term.

You've worked hard, and you deserve this. But even if you haven't quite achieved all these goals this term, don't worry! You can learn from your experience and do better next time. So we highly encourage everyone to take a few minutes to mentally reflect on your exam preparations: what went right and what went wrong? What could you change about your study methods/techniques?

Remember, you learn more from setbacks than from success.

And we must not forget to mention – the holidays are just around the corner! During the break, make sure to take some time to relax, recharge and get your well-deserved rest. Getting adequate rest is essential to stay healthy and motivated, so you can come back next year feeling fresh and ready to go.

However, don't forget to get back to work and complete your assigned holiday work:

  • For Years 7 to 10, there is compulsory reading and questions that need to be answered and brought into school on your return. The work is located on Schoolbox. Your answers must be hand-written too! Make sure you check the instructions and don’t leave this until the last minute. The work you need to complete is to set you up for the term ahead. 
  • For those in Year 11 to 12 next year, don't forget to check your Schoolbox blogs to see if there is any assigned holiday work. 
  • And if you are going into Year 10 next year, you should definitely get started on your Personal Project during the holidays! Trust us, it will make your coming year so much less stressful.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone! We wish you and your family all the best for the summer break. And to the graduating class of 2020, congratulations on finishing all your external exams and of course, finishing Senior School! Thank you for being such wonderful role-models to everyone in the College, and we wish you all the very best.

And a special thank you, to Jacinta and Mohnish, for being such great academic captains- we are very honoured to take on this role.

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