We started off the year with many wonderful workshops and have come together with many of our Alumni Wordsmiths. Working in groups, our 2020 Wordsmiths captains supported us in each workshop and were often found offering advice and praising our young talented writers.

What an interesting year it has been!

The Wordsmiths adapted and moved online with approximately 60 wordsmiths zooming from home to continue their writing. There was also the first and hopefully the last ever ‘Covid Writing Competition’. We loved watching this adaption with Eliza and James leading the way with the ‘Zoom Reads’. Their support for creative writing during this period was so important for many wordsmiths who were finding it difficult to write during the uncertain time.

We loved watching James and Eliza perform at the Dusk Temple in front of a crowd of sixty Gold Coast creatives including authors and illustrators. The pieces written and read out by them definitely showed such amazing talent and we couldn’t help but be amazed.

The 2020 Write a Book in a Day is always a highlight in the Wordsmith Calendar in which wordsmiths tackled the challenge of writing, editing and illustrating their own book based off difficult parameters. James and Eliza’s support, encouragement and leadership here was present with the success in both fundraising and writing. Wordsmiths raised a total of over eleven thousand dollars.

Through all the events that have happened this year, James and Eliza have led the way with their enthusiastic and creative forces. Always creating opportunities for the Wordsmiths to be creative both within the workshops and outside the workshops. Their enthusiasm as well as the entire Class of 2020 Wordsmiths’ enthusiasm for writing encourages others to keep writing. We know that we speak on behalf of the Wordsmiths Club when we say they will be deeply missed.

The Wordsmiths Dinner was a creative success. Students rose to the occasion and capped off an unusual year with optimism.

Leaders for 2021 were presented by The Headmaster and the Cath Clarke Trophy for the Best Writer/s in 2020 was announced.

2021 Captains: Sofia Smith and Lilliana Swainson

Poet Laureate: Giulia Provenzano

Editorial Board: Calvin Walther, Anna Hori, Gaelle Nicolau and Helena Hagan

Cath Clarke winners for 2020: James Enwright, Sofia Smith

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