The Year 2 students from Somerset College can call themselves Under 8 Primary School Cup Futsal Champions. For all students this was their first school Futsal tournament, and for most students the first school trip.

All players had a fantastic experience at the Primary School Cup.

We took the school bus towards Brisbane early, to participate in the Cup. After an hour and a half of driving, we arrived at the Australian Futsal Centre in Oxley. All Students were excited and nervous at the same time.

After setting up our rules on how to behave for the day, players could focus on their matches.

We turned our first match into a win and this gave the Spartans lots of confidence. Maybe a bit too much confidence, because we lost the second game. The third we won again and qualified for the finals but still had one more game to go. This game we used for the development of the team, playing Spartans in different positions to where they usually play. We lost but then focused on the final.

In the finals we were facing Lords. Our opponents were undefeated in the tournament and beat us earlier in the day. Our Year 2 Futsal Spartans wanted to take revenge and were ready for it! We had a slow first minute but the Spartans then took the lead. The Spartans played a great game and deserved their win.

Congratulations to Alex Pourre, Izaak Barclay, Hugo Hasselle, Edward Hassett, Abhiveer Gupta, Jesse Kim, Henry Pevy, Vaughan Furlong and Benedict Thompson.

Thanks to our parent volunteers James and Mark who made sure everything went smoothly during the day.

Any questions about Football and Futsal at Somerset College? Please contact our head of Football and Futsal Maarten de Kruijf: [email protected]

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