Every Monday lunchtime, Somerset College offered the Futnet (Football Tennis) League. The Senior and Junior League started both with two groups from four teams with each team playing a total of six matches to qualify for the quarter finals.

In the group stage, games were play to best of five points. From quarter finals the first team to 11 points is the winner.

Senior School

The teams that went through to the semis were Patrick and Carter, Alex and Augustine, Harry and Jayden, Rylan and Phoenix. Both Semi-Finals were great games. Teams played well together and showed the referees great technique.

Alex and Augustine won the Semi to play the final versus Rylan and Phoenix.

Alex and Augustine took the lead form the start and did not give this away. The final ended in 11 to 1. Well done Alex Benson and Augustine Charisiou.

During Term Four we played the Senior Lunch Time Competition. At the start of the term the teams were able to register themselves and we ended up with three teams:

Year 7: Harry, Carter, Alex, Augustine, Will, Patrick and Jayden.

Year 9/10: Patrick, Bongani, Jackson, Raffi, Peter, and Ethan.

Staff: Mr. Fenson, Mr Smith, Mr Kemp, Coach Kydra, Coach Cooper, Coach Keita, and Coach Nigel.

All teams played each other once. It was the Staff team who took two wins, 5 to 4 and 5 to 3. The game from Year 7 verse Year 9/10 was a win for the older students. This gave the Year 9/10 team change of revenge verse the staff team. The staff team started well in the final but after a few minutes the students took the lead.

Staff came back strong in the second half. The final score was 10 to 7 for the Somerset Staff Team.

Junior School

In the Junior we had Year 3 and Year 4 students playing in the quarter finals. Great performances from our Juniors who were playing Futnet for the first time this year.

The teams who qualified for the semis were Lukas and Dylan, Liam and Tiago, Connor and Oliver, Paxton and Julian.

Liam and Tiago and Connor and Oliver made it to the semis but unfortunately, Tiago was away on the final day.

This did not stop Liam from playing with a request for Lukas to fill in. This was accepted by the referee and the game began. Oliver and Connor (both in Year 3) had the best of the first part of the game. But Liam’s team fought back and took the lead over and continued scoring points until they reached 11.

Congratulations to team Liam Hartley and Tiago Basile. The final score, 11 to 7.

Girls Futsal

Every Wednesday we had a group of 10 girls playing futsal during lunchtime. The girls played every week in new teams and had much fun.

We are very happy to see many students playing sports during their lunch break. We hope to see you all back next year!

For any questions for Football and Futsal related Lunchtime Activities, please contact the Head of Football and Futsal at [email protected]

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