It was an amazing achievement this year to have all three of our Junior School teams make the state finals in the 2021 Tech Girls Competition. To then have all three teams listed for awards at the National Finals in October was even more amazing!

Well done to our three teams and their mentors! The girls from Year 5 and 6 that we involved this year should all be incredibly proud of what they have achieved. In 2021, there were 153 teams that entered the Primary Schools and Secondary Schools Tech Girls competition.

There is so much more to this competition than coding. Each team is coached as if they are a start-up business, with a comprehensive list of tasks that need to be submitted, including developing a prototype of their app and marketing video. The girls demonstrated fantastic skills in creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.

Sustainable Development Goal Awards
These awards were for both primary and secondary school teams nationally. 
Sustainable Development Goal 4 Award - Quality Education: Kourageous Kids (Sabine Booth, Annabelle Gibson, Emma Mollard and Abhilasha Sarmah)
Sustainable Development Goal 15 Award - Life on Land: Snake It Safe (Zoe Benson, Briana Leon, Maria Narizhnay and Mia Woodthorpe)

Special Awards
Three were awarded for both primary and secondary school teams nationally. 
Detectiva Award for Awesome App: Sign-a-Song (Eliana Brienza, Tamar Chester-Haviv, Ling Rostas, Ling Rostas)

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