During the Celebration of Entrepreneurship in Term Three, the Year 6 students worked ferociously to create small businesses as part of the ‘Kidpreneur’ programme. We spent six weeks planning and preparing our businesses ideas and learning how to run a business with the help of guests speakers along the way.

Collectively, we made an impressive $4706 profit from two action-packed days of selling our goods and set a College record! We all voted on which charity we thought we should donate our profits to and ultimately decided on supporting children experiencing poverty in Australia, through the excellent work done by The Smith Family.

We were lucky enough to have representatives from The Smith Family visit us on Tuesday to talk to us about the great work they do and for to present them with a giant cheque! (Firstly, our teachers gave us a mini-lesson on what a cheque was as most of us had never seen one before!) 

Kidpreneur was an exciting experience, and we are so proud of the profits we made as a cohort, knowing that it is going to an excellent cause.

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