Year 2 friends had been eagerly looking forward to Friday 19 November… and the day had finally arrived – it was Activities Day! This is a day that celebrates our year together and is a wonderful way for students to learn new information and skills by making connections to many of our units of inquiries from the year.

Students spent the morning session rotating around three incursions: Indigenous Arts and Craft workshop, SEQ Water Program and Ocean Stars. Children thoroughly enjoyed listening to Indigenous stories whilst being decorated with ochre and transpiring into emus, hearing The Golden Tap story learning about how we can conserve water and touching all of the incredible sea creatures that came to visit.

After lunch, students discovered there had been a very exciting delivery on The Common; there was an amazing Inflatable Obstacle Course and a Pop-Up Playground. Students bounced, balanced, spun and flipped and displayed some remarkable talents.
Next, we were back to the classroom to cool off and calm down. When we arrived, we discovered 85 pieces of clay set up and students were encouraged to create an artefact (eg: teacup, typewriter). This activity directly related to our inquiries; 'Earth’s Resources are Used in a Variety of Ways' and 'Understanding the Past Connects to the Present'.

Our last activity went out with a bang, pardon the pun… it was a Drum Beats Workshop. Every student was given a drum and they turned into musicians learning about different drums and beats.

To end the day, 45 pizzas were delivered and hungrily devoured!

It was a fabulous day, and what a delight it was seeing our Year 2 friends relishing their time together!

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