This semester, Year 7 IAS has moved into the ‘World of Business’ and the boardroom meetings have been oozing with an abundance of creative ideas, to solve problems that the students have identified in their school environment, at home or in the community.

Before they ventured into their ‘Think Tank’ session last week, students have been introduced to a variety of teen entrepreneurs, Will’s dad; Matt Hoult who spoke to the group about finances, Michael Spencer from Stacked Framing who introduced us to a very different way of growing food compared to traditional farming and our very own Year 7 entrepreneur Declan Newman.

Declan (7.1) presented a power point of his personal experience into the business world and explained how he started his bin cleaning enterprise along with the challenges he faced and what he intends to do in the future. Declan has proved that anyone can achieve their goals at any age and if you’re really determined to follow your passion, no matter what it is, you can do it.

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