Schoolbox and the Somerset App FAQs

What is Schoolbox used for?

Schoolbox is the College’s main online environment. Schoolbox provides you with access to information relevant and personalised to you and your family. This includes communication, access to the College calendar, student timetables, class and group information.

The Notices section of Schoolbox contains daily notices for students and parents. These can be read and accessed either by logging on to Schoolbox or via the Somerset App. A Daily Digest email summarises new notices and is sent each weekday morning. The easiest way to read the notices in full in via the Somerset App. Parents in the Junior School will also have access to their child's Class Communication Page. Here you will find photos and regular updates.

The online College Calendar is accessed via Schoolbox or the Somerset App. Clicking on a calendar event will provide details on the event, timing and location.

For students, Schoolbox is the online learning environment. Pages are available for each class and are found on the student's left hand menu. Classes can also be accessed from the online copy of the student's timetable.

On the homepage of SChoolbox, you will find links to other areas of the College's online environment. Once logged in to Schoolbox, you can easily move between these without being prompted again for your username and password.

What is the Somerset App and where can I get it?

The app has been designed for parents, students and staff to be a useful part of your daily life and also allow you to easily access the Schoolbox environment, with a focus on easily accessing and keeping up to date on communication. The same communication can be accessed via Schoolbox and the Somerset App. The content is the same in both, giving students and parents the choice of the way that they wish to read and keep up to date with College information, notices and news.

The Somerset App's focus is on communication and events in the College calendar relevant to you and it is a great way to view the daily timetable, daily notices, daily events and Somerset Times. In the calendar, students can add tasks and check them off in Schoolbox, allowing them to use the app as an eDiary.

You’ll find under the Contacts section in the app that you can use the links to easily email or call the most common areas in the College and from the app you can access and view Schoolbox pages.

The iOS app is available here to download from the App Store, and the Android version by clicking here and downloading from the Google Play store. We encourage you to download and make use of the App.

What is my username and password to access Schoolbox and the Somerset App and the other environments?

Your username is your community ID number. New parents are sent a link to set up their password with their Welcome email. If you have any queries or need assistance with your username or password, please email or visit the Central Desk in the Knowledge and Information Precinct during term time.

All users have one username and one password to access all aspects of our online environments. Once logged in to Schoolbox, you can easily click on the link to other environments and will not be required to login again. It is also easy for users to reset your password anywhere, anytime should you need.

If your password is entered incorrectly a number of times, your account will lock for a period of time as a security measure or you can use the Reset Password link to unlock your account immediately.