On Monday morning, 28 Year 12 students visited the Pre-Prep classrooms to reminisce about their year as the Early Education Classes of 2008. We were lucky to be joined by the Teachers and Teacher Assistants for this year: Mrs Anne Copperwaite, (EEC-C Teacher) and Mrs Honey Gardiner, (EEC-C Teacher Assistant) along with Mrs Sandy Berghofer, (EEC-B Teacher) and Mrs Ingrid Eksteen, (EEC-B Teacher Assistant).

Mrs Copperwaite said, “The students were such a friendly, cohesive group as four and five year olds and are just the same now as young adults”.

Thank you to these educators for joining the students for this special event before they finish Year 12.

The students recalled the start of their Somerset journey with some photos of their year and the 2008 Christmas concert video.

Thank you to Ms Kate Cornell for organising the Year 12 group and thank you to Mr Craig Bassingthwaighte and Ms Rebecca Collie for joining us.

The Pre-Preps loved having ‘big kids’ in their classroom and were excited to see the older students exploring their playground.

Goodluck to these Year 12 students for the next stage of their journey.

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