Last week Somerset Spartans Futsal Club played Round 5 from the Gold Coast Futsal Competitions. Please read on for match reports.

Under 8 Pink and Under 8 White

Under 8 Pink scored their first two goals of the season. Well done Girls!!!

The final score, 2 to 11.

Under 8 Blue

U8 met with the Dolphins who applied immediate pressure from the outset. After the first nine minutes scores we were down 2-nil. Alex then managed the the first goal before the Dolphins followed with a third.

Izaak and Hugo's goals took the scores to an even 3-all before Alex came through with two more. Before half-time Edward and Alex contributed to a 3 to 7 lead.

The second half was scoreless until just 12 minutes on the clock when the Dolphins managed to score from a free. Blue continued to score from then taking the final score 4 to 11 Somerset's way.

Under 8 Black and Under 8 Green

The game began with Black running into formations. eager to win and redeem. With a bang, the first goal was shot, it was a great way to kick it off.

Three goals were scored by Ash, Lachie and Josh flawlessly. It was interesting to watch two brothers versing each other while managing to display great sportsmanship on the court.

The final score, 3 to 1 to Black.

Under 8 Orange

This by far was our toughest game yet nil to 20 to Magic.

Despite the score, there was some great defending by Jesse and Vaughan. Liam saved a few great shots in goal. Alan seems to come out of nowhere and manages to get the ball, which often left Magic wondering where he came from. Hamish and Abhiveer managed to get the ball into their half a couple of times, but sadly we were unable to score.

It was a hard game, but the boys seem to be in good spirits after.

Well U8, great teamwork.

Under 9

The Under 9 had a bye this weekend. Back in action next week!

Under 10

The Somerset U10s met with the Gold Coast Rangers, going down 2 to 20. The loss was in no way a reflection on the team’s performance, which was nothing more that impressive resilience and team spirit.

As everyone in the team continued to work exceptionally hard until the final siren. Ashton and Dylan both did an amazing job in goals and Dylan even managed to score a lovely goal in the second half while playing striker. It was a game the whole team can be proud of and one where we reflect on our continual improvement as a team and not end of game scores.

Under 11

This was always going to be a tough game playing the second team on the ladder. Somerset opened scoring within the first minute but quickly Robina Reds returned three goals. As always, our goalie Dash was on fire and saved so many goals. Both teams fought hard until the end, but our boys had a lot of shots on target and just couldn’t find the back of the net like Robina Reds. The final score was 5 to 3 to Robina.

Under 13

The U13s came up against the Palm Beach Sharks. Our team had a hard match ahead of them, as three players were away leaving the team with only one substitute. Nevertheless, the team fought it out in the afternoon heat and put on a very impressive performance.

Even though Palm beach took the victory all our boys played a game they should be proud of. Kenshin had a standout performance in goals, making some incredible saves along with Will who scored a spectacular goal.

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