Our Year 6 students enjoyed a performance about resilience, cyber safety and friendship this week from Brainstorm Productions. 'Buddies' follows the journey of two students, Lucy and Charlie, that find themselves inside a virtual game, where they have to discover the secrets to building healthy relationships and staying safe online.

Theatre is a fantastic way to explore wellbeing concepts and this week’s performance was no exception. Our students would have had different moments during the performance when they could empathise and identify with the different struggles the two characters faced.

Although the performance explored and reinforced important cyber safety messages, such as not sharing passwords, talking to strangers online and protecting your privacy when online in apps and games, the most important message of all from the performance was about how important it is to have friends. Lucy and Charlie realised that the key to true friendship is about helping others, being truthful, being kind, being yourself and having self-control. To have friends, we need to be a good friend. Technology can get in the mix but it should never get in the way of what it means to be a good friend and spending quality time with people.

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