This semester our wonderful French students displayed their dedication to the subject and their fantastic language skills by entering the MLTAQ multi-media competition and the inaugural MLTAQ/EP online speaking competition. They achieved amazing results.

MLTAQ Writing Competition

Year 6:

Alanja Thomasson - 1st place

Camilla Guthrie - 3rd place

Harry Georgeson - HC

Year 8:

Anna Thomas - 1st place

Shania Li - 2nd place

Emmeline Anthony - HC

Year 9:

Victoria Huang - 2nd place

MLTAQ/ EP Speaking Competition
Year 6:

Camilla Guthrie: Elite

Saeesha Kumar: Gold

Dyuthi Vuthpala: Bronze

Year 8:

Anna Thomas: Silvernna Thomas: Silver

Year 11:

Giulia Provenzano: Elite

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