Did you know that there is no ‘centre of the universe’? The universe began expanding right from its formation at the Big Bang, yet there is no centre of this expansion, rather, every point in the entire universe is moving away from every other point at the same speed and so, technically, everywhere is the centre of the universe.

This was one of the bewildering concepts discussed at the UQ’s Junior Physics Odyssey. During the spring holidays, Kaye Amores, Amaani Bhasin and myself attended this programme at the University of Queensland with other students interested in Physics from all across the state.

This was an extremely fun and eye-opening programme into the world of Physics with an abundance of interesting activities spread over our two days at UQ, including extraordinary experiment demos, fascinating lectures, a tour of the university and even some friendly competition between students. Through this, we expanded our knowledge on many complex scientific theories, such as Perpetual Motion and the Theory of Relativity.

I have many long-lasting memories and developed a greater appreciation for the study of Physics, so I would highly recommend any students going into Year 10 Physics next year to apply and attend the Junior Physics Odyssey.

A big thank you goes to our Physics teachers; Mrs Lynch and Mrs Amores, as this memorable experience would not be possible without their recommendation.

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