Each of the IB programmes has a culminating project - the PYP Exhibition is the culminating project for Primary Years’ Programme. For our Year 5 students as the academic year draws to a close for another year, this year for them is also significant as it marks the end of their PYP learning journey.

The PYP Exhibition allows students to choose problem based topics that connect to an overarching big idea. We loved seeing the passion that our students showed for their topics and how knowledgeably they were able to present and talk about their topic and the Sustainable Development Goals at the Exhibition.

The PYP Exhibition is inquiry based, but also transdisciplinary and a collaborative process – all vital 21st century skills. The focus is on student agency – our students pushed their thinking in new directions, looked at their own beliefs and challenged themselves to learn as much as they could on the topic. We are proud of how articulate our students were in speaking about their topics and sharing their knowledge and new understandings with Junior School students and via the livestream to parents.

As a culminating project, the Exhibition has required students to draw on their learning throughout the PYP. As our Year 5 students move forward to Year 6 and the Middle Years’ Programme, they do so with the confidence that they have gained many skills, the ability to inquire and research, to work collaboratively and to choose and develop appropriate action.

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